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Just three guys and a mariachi, kickin' ass and taking names.

Filming the television show "Songwriters Across Texas"
Band logo and marketing material


The Smokin' Burnouts were formed in September of 2013. After a 12 year break from playing in bands, frontman Steve Lumm decided it was time to start playing again and quickly hooked up with bass player Clay Fiske. In June of 2014 Scott Williams joined the band on drums and would be an integral part of the band until his departure in 2021.

In 2022, Dan Ramirez joined the band and continues to pound the skins today.
All the Burnouts grew up on a mixture of punk rock and country and all started their musical "careers" in punk bands which lends to a strong DIY work ethic. Give them a listen and you'll hear The Ramones, Howlin' Wolf, Dick Dale and Johnny Cash all rolled into one Texas sized burrito.
Their first show ever was during SXSW 2014 and were featured in a Doritos video and their song Route 666 was featured in 5 other commercials for Doritos.

In 2016, we welcomed Robert "Quarter Moon" Ortiz, on trumpet, into the lineup as El Mariachi. Robert's trumpet has added an undefinable dynamic to the sound.

If you like what you hear, come out and see us play and bring a friend.


You had me at

The Smokin' Burnouts / Press

 “You know in Jerry Maguire when Rene Zellweger says "You had me at hello." Well, The Smokin' Burnouts came pretty close to that with the introductory email sent to me. Why? Frankly, because The Smokin' Burnouts is a great name for a band. I went to the band's ReverbNation page and was immediately greeted with the raucous sounds of "Hill Country Express." This is a bit like a Johnny Cash song...if it were performed by some combination of Supersuckers and Th' Legendary Shack Shakers. It's kind of a menacing tune that is equal parts rock n roll and rockabilly. And if you think that's menacing (trust me when I say I mean nothing negative by that), just listen to "Route 666." About two minutes into the song, the band borrows a riff from AC/DC's version of "Baby, Please Don't Go." Aside from that, I'd say that this sounds like the perfect song for Hell's cocktail lounge. If you like your rock n roll loud and fast (and perhaps a little evil), check out The Smokin' Burnouts.”

Gary Schwind - Incognito Music Magazine


Want to learn more about The Smokin' Burnouts, their music, and their tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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